Sunday, November 21

The happenings...

Time flies. The weather has already changed and all the leaves have fallen from the trees. Here comes winter again, but this year brings a feeling of something other than just waiting for Spring. It will be Emilio's first birthday and first Christmas. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. He is growing so fast and becoming so aware.  Life is amazing!
An update on the family: Emilio is sooo close to walking, just a little nervous to take that first step. He'll realize nobody is holding on to him and you can see the surprise in his eyes and he drops to the floor. He loves exploring, looking at his books, opening and closing doors and crawling around. He is such a mellow  baby, he is the perfect balance to our hectic lives. Kris and I get home from the craziness of the hospital and the firm and the sight of him brings a sense of relief and happiness. He has such an energizing force. No matter how tired I thought I was, he makes me smile and laugh. With him and Kris, I am home. I truly love my little family.
Lawyer in training

Being silly at dinner
Kris has been so busy with the Immigration firm and loving it, he is nearly fluent in Spanish and uses it daily, after a long day's work, he comes home and supports me endlessly with the obligations of the house and life. He has been SO supportive of me, I know I couldn't do this without him. On top of everything else, he has also decided to take the Patent Bar and has been studying nearly 30 hours a week in preparation.

For me: I have finished Pediatrics and Neurology. I start Psychiatry tomorrow, but I am no where closer to knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life. I still know I want to be a doctor, as exhausting as it is sometimes, so that is a good sign. It's a hard road, but SO rewarding. What an honor and a privilege to have the trust of people with something as serious as their health. I know I have SO much more to learn, but what is amazing is that a life as a doctor is a life of learning. I love that.

 Some recent pics:
Corpse Bride- Halloween 2010

My little Monkey- Halloween 2010

love. M+K+E

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