Thursday, June 21

Tears of Change

On the flight back home from Tampa, FL
My loves... I started residency today and I missed you both so much. You both have brightened my life SO much. Alma- I missed your warm, beautiful, easy smile. Emilio- I missed our dance parties, laughs and cuddles.
I start this time away from you with such sadness. I loved having so much time devoted to nothing more than being your mom.

As I start this new chapter in my--our--lives, I will be there, I mean I promise to really be here, when I am home. I will do my best to leave work at work.


Alma- today, when I got home. You discovered your little hands, and laughed. Opened them, closed them and laughed. I love that. I love you.

Emilio- today you wanted me and Da-dune to kiss your cheeks and it made you and us smile. You make me proud to be your mama.