Monday, August 2

The Light

Hooray Dada!

After years of running La Luz trail run bandit, and unofficially winning last year, Kris OFFICIALLY won!!  In a time of 1:24:22 he blazed up the 9 mile course, ascending from 6100 feet to 10678 feet! He is my hero. And after such a feat, he decided for his "cool down" he would turn around and run back down the mountain. Emilio and I also participated in the race, I speed hiked up the mountain carrying him in a baby carrier with the help of our friend Laura. It was Emilio's first ascent up La Luz. He spent the 3 and 1/2 hours mostly sleeping and checking out the scenery. (Yes, it took me two more hours than Kris :) )

The happy family!

Laura, to whom
 I am indebted for the support

I felt so proud to be able to carry Emilio up the beautiful Sandia Mountains all the way to the crest!  It's a good thing he is still under 20 pounds!

The guys


Me and my little love