Thursday, September 30

Busy, busy but life keeps cruising along

Being super cute and contemplative
It's been awhile and so much to say but not quite the time. I am in the midst of my Pediatric rotation, which is both rewarding and serves to make me a serious hypochondriac with Emilio! Nothing has been more humbling and difficult than working with patients and patients' families who will not live past this year. I've found myself either crying or holding back tears on so many occasions that I sometimes wonder if I'm cut out for this doctor thing. 

Doctor wanna-be

The hours are super long but I find no matter how tired I am, coming home to my beautiful family rejuvenates me. I can't help but smile when I see my happy and healthy little love-bug.
What a good Dada!
Kris has been super busy too, lawyering, running and daddying! He has been training hard for the Chicago marathon this coming weekend and spending long hours at work. We are still trying to find some kind of balance in our lives with career, family, school and other activities.

Emilio has ALSO been busy, pulling himself up to his feet, walking while holding to furniture, and he has expanded his vocabulary: dada, mama, papa, gog (we think he's trying to say dog). 
His new favorite thing to do- splashing in the bath!

With love,
Maria, Kris and Emilio Marcelino

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